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Xbox Live Prohibited Content

Microsoft prohibit the following content in Xbox Live

(Note: the examples below are just a few examples of Content prohibited by the Microsoft Code of Conduct. Just because something isn't on this list doesn't mean it's OK.)

Content involving illegality. For example:

  • Gambling, piracy, child pornography, obscenity or criminal activity
  • Underage drinking, illegal drug use or socially irresponsible behaviour connected with drug use (e.g. drinking and driving)
  • Terrorism (e.g. bomb or other weapon making instructions)
  • Information that could help identity thieves (e.g. government-issued identification number)

Content that could harm or harass a person, including yourself, or an animal. For example:

  • Profane words or phrases
  • Suicide-related content
  • Negative speech (including hate speech or threats of harm) directed at people who belong to a group, including groups based on race, ethnicity, nationality, language, gender, age, disability, veteran status, religion or sexual orientation/expression
  • "Noise", which is excessive speech intended to interfere with or disrupt another person's or group's ability to enjoy a game or app on Xbox Live
  • Content showing or promoting animal abuse

Content that is controversial. For example:

  • Sexual, provocative, pornographic or adult content
  • Violent content
  • Controversial religious content
  • Anything involving notorious people or organisations
  • Anything involving sensitive events, current or historical

Content that is unauthorised. For example:

  • Images and other content you don't have permission to use
  • Illegitimately obtained videos

Content that promotes, or sounds or looks like words, phrases, puns, images or imagery that refer to any prohibited content

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