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What is terrorism?

Terrorism is commonly defined as the use of premeditated acts of violence by non-governmental organisations against persons or property. These acts are intended to intimidate or coerce individuals or communities to achieve political, religious, or ideological aims.

What is extremism?

Extremism refers to holding extreme political or religious views that are far removed from the accepted norms of society. These views often advocate for radical changes and can sometimes lead to the justification or encouragement of violence to achieve their objectives. Extremist content can include hate speech, propaganda, or materials promoting radicalisation and violent ideologies.

Is terrorist and extremist content allowed on social media?

Content glorifying terrorism or promoting extremism is strictly prohibited on social media platforms and is often considered illegal. Social networking sites have robust reporting mechanisms to identify and remove such content promptly. These platforms actively work to prevent the spread of terrorist and extremist propaganda to ensure a safer online environment for all users.

Who should I report terrorist and extremist content to?

If you encounter terrorist or extremist content online, it is crucial to report it to both the social media platform where you found it and law enforcement agencies. Reporting to social media platforms helps in the immediate removal of the content, while informing law enforcement ensures that the individuals or groups behind the content can be investigated thoroughly. This approach helps in addressing both the online and offline elements of terrorism and extremism.

Why can't we handle reports of terrorist-related or extremist content?

Our Report Harmful Content service is not equipped to manage reports related to terrorism or extremism. Handling such content requires specialised expertise and resources to ensure public safety and to deal with the complexities involved in these threats. Therefore, if you come across content that supports, directs, or glorifies terrorism or promotes extremist ideologies, it is imperative to report it to Action Counters Terrorism (ACT).

How to report terrorist and extremist content?

The government has created a specific online portal for reporting terrorist and extremist content directly to them. This portal ensures that the information reaches the appropriate authorities who are trained to deal with such threats effectively. Reporting through this channel allows for a coordinated response and helps prevent potential terrorist and extremist activities.

Report Terrorist or Extremist Content Online Here.

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