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Making a Report to Report Harmful Content 

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Are you facing issues with online platform reports? We’re here to help.

When online platforms dismiss your reports, stating no community guidelines violations, Report Harmful Content can step in. We ask that you share the platform's response with us, and the Report Harmful Content team will review the content with any added background context you can provide us about your case. 

Why share platform responses with us?

We understand the frustration of collating the platform's response to your report, but here’s why it’s crucial:

  1. Platforms have various reporting channels for different violations. Seeing the platform's response helps us determine if the correct reporting route was used and guide you accordingly.
  2. This is a requirement of our partnership work with online platforms to help us keep doing what we were set up to do.
  3. We can use their response to provide feedback to platforms, helping them enhance and streamline their reporting processes.
  4. Accurate information helps reduce the risk of over-reporting, which can be counterproductive.
  5. We only mediate after proper reporting methods are attempted. If you’ve waited over a week without a response, we may assist further.

Limitations and support

While we will always try to escalate content where appropriate on your behalf, we cannot guarantee content removal. Our practitioners review the content against platform guidelines, and sometimes, we might agree with the platform’s decision. In such cases, we explain their rationale and provide additional support and advice.

Escalating your case

If we disagree with the platform’s decision after reviewing your report, we will escalate the case to our contacts at the relevant platform. To do this effectively, we may request more details about the incident, including additional screenshots or links to relevant comments or images.

Patience and assurance

Though we can escalate issues, we cannot directly action content removal. There might be delays due to the platform’s moderation processes. We understand this can be frustrating, but rest assured, we continuously chase escalations and keep you updated throughout the resolution process.

Your safety, our priority

At Report Harmful Content, we are committed to making online spaces safer. Trust us to advocate for you and guide you through the process of addressing harmful content online

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