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Adult Content

  1. Harms
  2. Adult Content on Social Media Platforms

What is adult content?

Adult content can cover nude or sexual content which is not illegal but breaches the terms of most online platforms.

In an ideal world, social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube would be safe and educational spaces for you and your family to enjoy without worry. Unfortunately, however, there may be times when you come across inappropriate content on social media, including adult, pornographic, or sexually vulgar videos. This can be distressing and concerning, particularly for young children and their parents.

Is adult content allowed on social media?

Adult content, including nude and sexually explicit images and videos, breaches the community guidelines of most commonly used social networking sites.

What can I do if my intimate images are shared without consent?

If your private sexual images have been shared without your consent, we would recommend you get in touch with our sister service on the Revenge Porn Helpline. They work with adults who have been affected by intimate image abuse in the UK, and will be able to help advise you on how best to report what has happened. You can find more information on intimate image abuse and what to do next on our website here.

Find out how to report adult content to commonly used social networking sites below:

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