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Reporting Online Harassment and Abuse in Sport 

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  3. Online Harassment and Abuse in Sport

Sport plays an important part in many people’s lives. Whether it’s watching football, rugby, tennis or netball, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. While many of us will harmlessly enjoy watching sports for the exciting bit of competition that it is, others might watch it whilst targeting individuals and teams with unnecessary abuse and harassment.  


What is Online Harassment in Sport? 

Online harassment in sport is a form of abuse that targets an individual (or a group of players). This content can often be used to mock an athlete’s skills or abilities but can also target their personal and private lives, including their families and friends.

Types of harassment can include discrimination, bullying, sexism, racism, hurtful language, sexual harassment, trolling, rumour spreading and threats. Unfortunately, online abuse and harassment in sport is a very common issue and one that is constantly referred to in the media, with many players and organisations regularly speaking out against the harm it creates.    

Whether it is on a pitch or online, abuse and harassment in sport should not be tolerated! Find out more about this issue below and learn how you can safely report this harmful content by following the button below. 

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