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I live outside the UK, where can I find support?

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  2. What if I live outside the UK?

Report Harmful Content’s remit is to support anyone residing in the UK. Our funding allows us to be able to provide a level of support to UK residents that we currently cannot provide to those living outside the UK. This does not mean that there is no help though and there are steps people living outside the UK can take when they experience or witness harm online. Click on the boxes below to find a list of organisations that may be able to offer further support where you live*

Global support

To find emotional support in the country you reside in, visit Befrienders Worldwide.

If you have been a victim of intimate image abuse online, please find a list of victim support services globally on our sister helpline, the Revenge Porn Helpline.

If you have been a victim of a crime outside the UK, the international law enforcement agency, Interpol may become involved.

If you are reporting child sexual abuse imagery outside the UK, please visit INHOPE to find a list of global organisations and reporting routes.

If you are reporting a child protection related issue outside the UK, please visit UNICEF to find a list of international centres coordinating work globally.

*please note that Report Harmful Content have no control over the content on any of websites listed on this page. These are external websites operated and managed by independent organisations globally.

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