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Report Harmful Content frequently receives reports about harmful content on independent websites, distinct from larger social media platforms. Such content may include pro-eating disorder material, suicide-related content, bestiality, or extremely violent pornographic material.

Unfortunetly, we are unable to take action against these independent sites as they are self-owned and self-moderated. Unlike larger social media platforms, which adhere to strict community standards prohibiting extreme content, these independent sites have the freedom to establish their own guidelines, often allowing harmful and distressing material.

*Please note, Report Harmful Content does not have the expertise to handle or respond to criminal content such as child sexual abuse material. In cases where content is illegal, we will always guide individuals to the appropriate law enforcement channels.

Online Safety Act

The Online Safety Act became law in October 2023, and contains a range of measures intended to improve online safety in the UK, including duties on internet platforms about having systems and processes in place to manage harmful content on their sites, including illegal content.

It is likely that harmful content such as bestiality, suicide content or extreme pornography will fall within the scope of the Online Safety Act, however, we are currently awaiting guidance from Ofcom on how they envisage the regulation of such sites. Nonetheless, despite Royal Assent, while some of the provisions have become law immediately, the majority may take some more time. 

You can read more about the Online Safety Act below: 

Hosting providers

We appreciate that locating a reporting route or email address is challenging for certain websites outside of the Report Harmful Contents remit. In this scenario, we always try to signpost people to the individual website’s hosting provider. Though we cannot guarantee that this will always be an effective reporting route, we certainly believe it is worth escalating in this way if it can help get unwanted, harmful content removed.

There are many different websites out there where you find the correct hosting provider for the website you wish to make a report on. A few free ones are listed below.

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