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There are 2 types of threat:

  1. Hypothetical - This could be expressing disagreement by making non-serious threats which are highly unlikely to be carried out. These would not normally go against community standards of social networking sites unless there are other factors to be considered.
  2. Credible - When a threat poses real life danger putting someone at immediate risk of harm e.g. a threat to life. These types of threats should always be reported as an emergency to the police. Other threats of this kind could be “outing” someone’s behaviour to blackmail them. They may be used to coerce someone into doing something they don’t want to e.g. sending an intimate image or another behaviour they may later regret.

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This is when someone assumes the identity of another person, to harass or defraud them. It can also include behaviours such as creating fake accounts, or hijacking accounts usually with the intent of targeting an individual.

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Bullying or Harassment

This can include hurtful language which targets an individual or group of people, trolling, spreading rumours and excluding people from online communities. In the case of harassment, the behaviour is repeated and intended to cause distress. Repeated harassment should be reported to the police.

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Self-harm or Suicide Content

Most platforms do not allow any content which encourages, instructs or glorifies self-harm or suicide. Some platforms have processes in place for safeguarding users viewing or sharing this type of content.

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If you’re struggling with your mental health and want to talk to someone independently about this The Samaritans are there to help.

Online Abuse

A broad term which covers any form of abuse committed on a social network, website, gaming platform or app. It is generally verbal but can also include image based abuse.

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Violent Content

This could include graphic content including gore content, such as beheading videos or scenes which glorify animal abuse. Most of which will be against various platforms community standards.

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Unwanted Sexual Advances

This is often gender based abuse and can take the form of highly sexualised language, persistent or unsolicited messages, often of a sexual nature. The sender will have complete disregard for whether or not the person on the recieving end wants to recieve these advances.

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Pornographic Content

Adult (nude or sexual) content which is not illegal but breaches the terms of most online platforms.

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